DURAGALV by Duncan Galvanizing®

DURAGALV by Duncan Galvanizing® is Enhanced Hot Dip Galvanizing For Today's Steel.

Corrosion Protection And Long-Lasting Good Looks
A unique blend of special high grade zinc, nickel, and other earthly metals combined with processing systems dedicated to maximizing the aesthetic of the steel product makes Duragalv an ideal choice for decades of steel corrosion protection and long-lasting good looks. Duragalv is a sustainable` process and can assist you in reaching your LEED goals.

Galvanized Steel With Aesthetic Appeal
We realize that the professional community demands more than just steel corrosion protection. The galvanized steel must have an aesthetic appeal as well, whether it will be left in its galvanized finish or primed and painted. That's why our specifications call for a level of smoothness (rugosity) for our finished material. Duragalv combines the best of both worlds.

Up To 200% Harder Than The Steel Itself
Duragalv is a metallurgical bond between the zinc and steel. It uses a series of alloying elements designed to increase the toughness of the metal coating. It is harder than typical galvanizing. The alloys on the surface include more iron which makes this protective coating harder than the base steel. In some cases it is 200% harder than the steel being coated. This hardness provides greater durability for the metal coating. With our in-house testing lab, we have the ability to test our zinc, acids, and other process components to make certain all appropriate standards are met.

What Makes Duragalv Special?

Duragalv is a unique blend of special High-Grade Zinc (the most environmentally sensitive zinc available) combined with processing systems dedicated to maximizing the aesthetic of the steel product. By combining nickel, utilizing the dry kettle process and creating extensive testing and monitoring procedures, Duncan has taken the art of hot dip galvanizing to the next level.

Environmentally Friendly And Green Too
Best of all, Duragalv is environmentally friendly and is a “partner” in the “Green Building” community.

Put DURAGALV To Work For You
Call Duncan Galvanizing at 1-800-638-1011 and put Duragalv's enhanced hot dip galvanizing to work protecting your steel structures.



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