Gateway Wings

Washington, DC


www-galvanizeit-org-project-gallery-uploads-images-New-2014-EA-Logo-150x150The Gateway Wings which ceremoniously welcome people into the NoMa neighborhood in Washington, DC. is the fastest growing neighborhood in the capitol city. The DC Transportation Department decided the New York Avenue Bridge and approach roadways between Florida Avenue and 9th Street NE could use some architectural enhancement as well as extensive rehabilitation. They turned to the city’s Commission on the Arts and Humanities to oversee the project, and held a competition to highlight the neighborhood.

The selected design involved two 50-foot high tree-like structures which form a gateway over the bridge. The arches, which are about five stories high, have arms that are nearly 56 feet long. Each arch, fabricated from structural steel, weighs 22 tons and was hot-dip galvanized for corrosion protection and then top coated for enhanced aesthetics.

Because the design was complex, and the finish elaborate, maintenance of the structure would be very difficult as well as costly. Duncan Galvanizing’s Duragalv and Colorgalv systems for galvanized steel were specified to provide the long-term maintenance-free corrosion protection and aesthetics for the exposed steel. The synergistic relationship of the Colorgalv system will allow the “wings” to welcome visitors and residents alike to NoMa for generations to come.