PRIMERGALV® is a factory applied universal primer for freshly galvanized steel which is to receive a field applied topcoat. 

If you are considering a coating over galvanized steel, an understanding of galvanizing’s passivation cycle is important. Once galvanizing is exposed to oxygen after 12 hours, zinc oxides (white rust) start to form on the surface and don’t stop until 12 – 15 months later. It is these oxides that cause the delamination of the primer. Whenever there is a failure of painted galvanized steel, it is never at the juncture of the topcoat and the primer, but rather between the primer and the zinc. To eliminate this problem, Duncan has established a process whereby the primer is applied to the galvanized steel within twelve (12) hours of galvanizing. 

Ideal For Fast Tracking Projects
This process guarantees a tenacious bond between the galvanized steel and the prime coat and eliminates virtually all the problems associated with painting hot dip galvanized steel. It is the ideal process for those projects that are "fast-tracking" yet have not made a color selection or those projects where there is an inordinate amount of field welding.

Are You Painting Galvanized Steel?
With Primergalv, poor field touch-up is a thing of the past!  Primergalv allows you to have your steel painted and primed, shipped to the jobsite where all welding can be done, and then topcoated in the field. The field topcoat will “hide” all evidence of welding and eliminate the “chicken pox” look of field touch-up of a finished coating.

Put PRIMERGALV To Work For You
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Primergalv® is a registered trademark of Duncan Galvanizing.