THERMOSET® is a high-performance thermosetting-based powder coating system for uncoated (black) steel or aluminum.

Heat Cured With A Harder Coating
Designed for a wide range of applications, Thermoset can be applied over galvanized steel and “black steel” (uncoated steel). Where a heat cured product is desired but a thin coat of a harder coating is needed to allow for architectural definition, Thermoset is the right material.

An Extremely Durable Metal Finish
When the Thermoset material is applied, the entire system is “high heat cured” to provide an extremely durable finish. Both first and second coats will cure together to provide a thinner but very hard protective coating system.

In Your Choice Of Colors
With Duncan Thermoset, the color range is virtually unlimited. Even small jobs can be given special colors. Download our pdf color chart to see our extensive color selection.

Excellent For Decorative Applications
You might want to use the process for stairs, railings or other decorative applications. How about ornamental site furniture, planters or virtually any other item INSIDE or OUTSIDE a building or house. Did you know that this is the same coating and process that is used to protect high end custom car wheels? Now that's a durable coating! This same coating is now available from Duncan. Any painted metal is a potential Duncan Thermoset product.

An Ideal Choice For Extreme Corrosion
Where extreme corrosion is a concern, Duncan Colorgalv Thermoset, utilizing the Duragalv® hot dip galvanizing system as a base, is the ideal choice. Where Duncan Thermoset is available for any metal substrate, Duncan Colorgalv Thermoset is designed to be applied over a freshly galvanized surface. Duncan Colorgalv Thermoset is available in a variety of formulations. Ask your Duncan Technical Services representative to recommend the appropriate system for your application.

Put THERMOSET To Work For You
Call Duncan Galvanizing at 1-800-638-1011 and put this steel corrosion protection system to work protecting your decorative applications today.


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Thermoset® is a registered trademark of Duncan Galvanizing.