COLORGALV® is a patented factory-applied architectural color finish for painting hot dip galvanized steel. Colorgalv is a process, not a paint!

A Patented Process For Painting Galvanized Steel
In the mid 1960's, Duncan Galvanizing recognized the architectural possibilities that painting galvanized steel could bring to the building community. We carefully researched, tested and then patented the Colorgalv process under US Patent No. 5641543. The result? We became the first galvanizer in North America to successfully paint hot dip galvanizing.

Colorgalv Is A Complete Process
All work is done in a state-of-the-art coating facility in a fully controlled environment. Nothing is left to chance! And because Colorgalv is a factory-applied metal coating system, you can colorize your steel year round regardless of weather conditions.

Steel Corrosion Protection In Your Choice Of Colors
With Duncan Colorgalv, your steel corrosion protection color range is virtually unlimited. 

A Warranteed Metal Finishing System
Available in any color and warranteed for twenty years against rust, Colorgalv provides the architectural and engineering community in the Northeast with a long lasting metal finishing system that blends protective coatings with the aesthetics of architectural finishes.

The Gold Standard For Coating Hot Dip Galvanized Steel
Since 1963, Colorgalv has been the gold standard for factory applied high performance architectural coatings.

Experience You Can Count On
With over 55 years of experience in painting and galvanizing steel, you can have peace of mind knowing that a company in business since 1890 will be standing behind our work to ensure the longevity of your installation.

Put COLORGALV To Work For You
Call Duncan Galvanizing at 617-389-8440 and incorporate this patented galvanized steel painting process into your project specs.