Our Mission

Operating Philosophy
Duncan's vision of the future includes total metal protection and pollution-free facilities.

"We expect to meet today's commitments to the environment, to uphold our responsibilities to the community and to our employees, and to provide the finest service and quality in the industry."

Mission Statement

Duncan Galvanizing has adopted the following mission statement as a guiding principle as part of its on-going Total Quality Management program:

  • Total customer-employee satisfaction is the protective coating of our company.
  • We are committed to provide value and service to our customer's products by applying high-quality metal finishes and establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers, suppliers, employees and the environment.
  • Our journey of continuous improvement is fueled by respect, innovation through training, flexibility and recognition of the individual.
  • Our employees are our voice. We will never lose sight of the team's dream, to listen, understand and exceed our customer expectations.


A Little History

A Locally Owned New England Family Business

Duncan Galvanizing is a locally owned Massachusetts based family business serving all New England states, New York, and Canada. We have been in Everett, MA (only minutes from Boston) since our founding and plan to be here well into the future.

Founded As A Galvanizer

Duncan Galvanizing was founded in 1890 as J. Duncan Company, a galvanizer of patented switches and monorail systems. Since its inception, the company has grown to become the recognized leader in providing quality coatings for steel.

Over A Century Of Expertise In Protective Coatings

For more than 100 years, Duncan Galvanizing has been building a solid reputation in the marketplace as a leader in the protective coatings industry. Duncan's name and reputation have come to stand for quality and longevity:

  • Quality in products and services,
  • Longevity in terms of metal protection, and
  • Longevity in terms of the company itself, still expanding and prospering after more than a century.

A Tradition Of Quality And Longevity

Duncan will preserve this tradition of quality and longevity well into the next century - and beyond.

A State Of The Art Facility

Our state of the art facility in Everett, Massachusetts contains the equipment and process controls to provide our clients and customers with the most technologically superior coating systems for all metals, including: