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Specification Review

Writing project specifications for hot dip galvanizing and protective metal coatings can be time-consuming and challenging, especially with the multitude of requirements you need to incorporate into your document.

Duncan’s specifications are written in the Basis-of-Design format making them appropriate for both public and private work. Additionally, they follow the three-part CSI system allowing use in any office’s master specification. Available in long-form or short-form layouts, they can be a “stand-alone” specification in your contract documents or be “dropped” into Division 5.

  • Are your specifications current?
  • Do they follow the most recent ASTM standards?
  • Are you specifying the proper system for your project?

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At Duncan Galvanizing, we're thoroughly familiar with spec requirements for galvanizing projects and factory-applied metal coatings. Our team of experts would be pleased to look over your project or Office Master Specification either in person or via email.

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