Corrosion Protection

Protective Coatings Overview

From hot dip galvanizing milk containers in the late 1890's to creating a patented process in the 1970's for painting galvanized metal (Colorgalv®), Duncan Galvanizing provides state-of-the-art hot dip galvanizing and high-performance architectural finishes for ANY metal substrate, including galvanized steel, aluminum and "black steel" (uncoated steel).

Our value added processes will enhance the look of any project while providing long-term corrosion protection. Since we don’t manufacture paint or powder, we use only those companies whose products are suitable for the particular application, meet all environmental requirements, are sustainable, and have unlimited color choices.

What should you choose?

There are many forms of corrosion protection out there, ranging from zinc-rich paint to hot-dip galvanizing. Even within hot-dip galvanizing, there are many options depending on your needs.

We offer a range of products at Duncan as well. See below for a detailed flowchart to guide you through choosing the perfect product for your needs. For more detailed information about each product, take a look at the pages listed on the left and don't hesitate to give us a call at 617-389-8440 with any questions.


  • OrangeDuragalv is our core hot-dip galvanizing product
  • BlueThermoset and Colorgalv Thermoset are our powder coating lines
  • Green: Primergalv, Colorgalv, and Colorgalv Marine are our liquid coating over hot-dip galvanizing lines, all available with an additional clear-coat.

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