Protective Coatings Overview

Effective Corrosion Protection For Galvanized Steel, Black Steel And Metal Substrates

Duncan has the ability to provide you with virtually any type of coating you need:

  • Hot Dip Galvanizing

  • High Performance Coatings for Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Black Steel or Aluminum

  • Powder Coatings for Stainless Steel, Black Steel or Aluminum

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Protecting Steel Since 1890
Duncan Galvanizing has always been on the cutting edge of metal corrosion protection. From hot dip galvanizing milk containers in the late 1890's to creating a patented process in the 1970's for painting galvanized metal (Colorgalv®), we provide state-of-the-art hot dip galvanizing and high-performance architectural finishes for ANY metal substrate, including galvanized steel, aluminum and "black steel" (uncoated steel). Our value added processes will enhance the look of any project while providing long-term corrosion protection. Since we don’t manufacture paint or powder, we use only those companies whose products are suitable for the particular application, meet all environmental requirements, are sustainable, and have unlimited color choices.

Galvanizing And High-Performance Architectural Finishes

What is DURAGALV®?
Duragalv® is enhanced hot dip galvanizing for today's steel. Similar to the successful formula of our Nigalv® galvanizing system, Duragalv addresses the requirement for "Green" building and is recommended for those projects where the LEED standards are required. A unique blend of special high grade zinc which is virtually lead-free, and other earthly metals combined with processing systems dedicated to maximizing the aesthetic of the steel product, makes this an ideal choice for decades of corrosion protection AND long-lasting good looks.

Duragalv® uses a series of alloying elements designed to increase the toughness of the coating. It is harder than typical galvanizing. The alloys on the surface include more iron which makes the coating harder than the base steel. Since galvanizing is a metallurgical bond between the zinc and the steel, in some cases it is 200% harder than the steel being coated. This hardness provides greater durability allowing the Duragalv process to provide a twenty (20) year warranty against rust!

Primergalv® is a factory applied universal polyamide epoxy primer for freshly galvanized steel, "black steel" or aluminum which is to receive a field applied topcoat. This process guarantees a tenacious bond between the metal substrate and the prime coat and eliminates virtually all the problems associated with field-painting. It is the ideal process for those projects that are “fast-tracking” yet have not made a color selection or where field welding is anticipated and the client does not want to touch-up a factory finished product.

Colorgalv® is a factory-applied high performance architectural color finish for hot dip galvanized steel and has been issued U.S. Patent #5641543. It is a process that is available in any color and warranted for twenty years against rust. Since the mid 1960's, Colorgalv® has been providing the architectural and engineering community in New England, New York and Canada with a long lasting system that combines corrosion protection with the aesthetics of color.

What is COLORGALV®10?
Colorgalv®10 takes the Colorgalv® process referenced above one step further. It is not only warranted for twenty years against rust, but also utilizes unique architectural color finishes for even longer lasting beauty, and comes with a ten (10) year warranty on gloss and color retention.

What is COLORGALV®20?
Colorgalv® 20 is a fluoropolymer based coating which provides an extremely durable and long-lasting architectural finish to galvanized steel. Hot dip galvanizing provides a twenty year warranty against rust, and the fluoropolymer architectural topcoat offers a fifteen year warranty on the finish when applied in accordance with Duncan’s performance specifications.

What is COLORGALV®10 Plus with Anti-Graffiti Protection?
Colorgalv® with Anti-Graffiti Protection is designed for those areas where there is a need for long-lasting corrosion protection, color enhancement, and protection from vandalism.  Colorgalv® With Anti-Graffiti Protection utilizes a tough polyurethane clearcoat that acts as a barrier to the permanent damage caused by most graffiti materials. It is the system of choice for locations such as transit stations, schools, housing developments and other areas where graffiti is a potential problem.

Duncan Galvanizing's family of Thermoset coatings are produced from dry powders for a variety of applications. Thermoset coatings are environmentally friendly, producing virtually no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's). They are the ideal choice when designing for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. The following chart illustrates the recommended applications for the various coatings.

Duncan ThermosetSM can be applied over aluminum or black (uncoated) steel. After the Duncan Thermoset material is applied, the coated parts are “high heat cured” to provide an extremely durable finish. The color range available with Duncan Thermoset is virtually unlimited and even small jobs can be given special colors.

Where corrosion of steel is a concern, Duncan Colorgalv ThermosetSM, utilizing the Duragalv system as a base is the ideal choice. Duncan Colorgalv ThermosetSM is designed to be applied over a freshly galvanized surface. It is also available in a virtually unlimited color range.

Both Duncan Thermoset and Duncan Colorgalv Thermoset are available in a variety of formulations and textures.

Duncan ThermosetSM X X X  
Duncan Colorgalv ThermosetSM       X
Duncan Colorgalv Thermoset 10SM       X


DUNCAN COLORGALV THERMOSETSM – STEEL FIRST GALVANIZED AND THEN POWDER COATED WITH VARIOUS THERMOSETTING MATERIALS. Available with a 20 year warranty against rust and coating warranties against coating failure.*

*See individual Process Specifications for warranty details

Ask your Duncan Technical Services representative to recommend the appropriate system for your application.