ZIRP® Touchup And Repair Damaged Hot Dip Galvanized Coatings.

A Zinc Rich Cold Galvanizing Compound, Zirp features:

  • Simple handling, single package system.

  • Easy mixing – no hard settling of pigment – exceptional resistance to settling after mixing – little or no mixing required during application.

  • USDA accepted.

  • Long term shelf stability.

  • Safe for use in confined areas (with forced air circulation).

  • Non toxic.

  • Dry to touch in 15 minutes (can be recoated within 4 hours).

  • Can be applied up to 5 mils (dry film thickness).

  • Temperature tolerance -40F to 150F (wet), higher for dry environments.

  • Equal or superior to any other Zinc Rich Coating on the market.

ZIRP® is a cold galvanizing compound designed to comply with ASTM A780 requirements for the touchup and repair of damaged hot dip galvanized coatings.

Ideal For Easy Maintenance
Zirp has a very high molecular weight epoxy resin binder, which features the outstanding adhesion and chemical resistance characteristics of converted epoxies but with none of the disadvantages. The material dries solely by the evaporation of solvents and can be recoated in as little as four hours. Recommended topcoats include vinyls, vinyl acrylics, and urethanes.

Superior Adhesion and Flexibility
Zirp displays the same high order of adhesion to ferrous surfaces as commonly associated with catalytic epoxies. The dry film will easily follow the expansion and contraction of rigid steel surfaces.

Long Term Protection In Marine Environments
Zirp contains a high percentage of metallic zinc and should not be used in strongly acidic or alkaline exposures. A system of Zirp overcoated with a chemically resistant vinyl or vinyl acrylic topcoat provides long term protection to steel surfaces exposed to aggressive chemical and marine environments.

Put Zirp To Work For You
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