Faneuil Hall Marketplace Center “Walkway to the Sea”

Boston, MA


Faneuil Hall, located on Boston's waterfront, is one of New England’s major tourist attractions. It is an historic site that was in disrepair for decades until developed by the Rouse Company. Marketplace Center, a 17 story high-rise mixed use building built in the mid-1980’s, is the final component in the rebirth of Faneuil Hall.

One of the main features of Marketplace Center is the open "Walkway to the Sea". This is a steel framed, glass canopied structure that is designed to allow pedestrians to walk from Faneuil Hall directly to the ocean. Since it is an architecturally important and highly visible open structure that is constantly exposed to the moist sea air, the architect wanted a coating system that would not only protect the steel from corrosion, but would also provide the aesthetics required of the structure. They were also looking for a firm to take sole source responsibility for the coating system.

Based on these criteria, the Colorgalv system was specified. Now, after more than 30 years, Marketplace Center’s Walkway to the Sea remains rust free and retains the beautiful finish the consultants wanted.