Beacon Street MBTA Passenger Shelters

Boston, MA


www-galvanizeit-org-project-gallery-uploads-images-EA_Logo_2003-150x151Painting over hot-dip galvanized steel as part of the design of these bus shelters makes them more than functional. Not only are they complementary to the overall color scheme of the "Green Line," but they're durable enough to withstand constant passenger use as well as the harsh Massachusetts winters. All of the structural steel of the shelter, miscellaneous steel, and adjacent fencing were delivered to the site with Colorgalv.

The decision by the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) and the consultant to specify the Colorgalv system for the shelter’s steel was based on the MBTA's past experience with its excellent performance and durability and the competitive economics on an initial-cost basis.

Considering the synergistic effect between the paint and zinc of the Colorgalv system, additional economic benefits will be delivered each year in the form of attractive shelters needing zero maintenance. The resulting success of these "Green Line" shelters and their aesthetic appeal in this urban transit architecture application was later leveraged into specification of Colorgalv shelters for the MBTA's other lines - Blue, Red, and Orange.