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Why You Should Request Physical Paint Samples Before Purchase

Posted by Casey Shearns on Tue, Jun 08, 2021 @ 02:43 PM

Online color cards make it easy for a quick preview of the colors offered, but they can create a discrepancy between the color on the monitor and the appearance of the actual paint.

Computer monitors are all color calibrated differently. This makes every shade shown on the color card appear slightly different on different monitors, and different in person. The color card should only be used as a general guide to the types of colors offered. Physical color cards should be used for making a final decision to ensure that your final coating looks the way you intended.  

However, using a digital color card on a computer monitor can be useful for making a selection that doesn’t have to match an existing color or be very specific. If you need a general color and are not concerned about slight variation, you may choose to select a color using the digital card only.

Here are a few physical examples compared to the way a color might appear on your computer screen:


“Red Oxide” physical sample next to online sample

“Safety yellow” physical sample next to online sample

Duncan has many physical color cards that are correctly representative of the color you can use to choose as well as an experienced team to assist you. Check out Duncan’s Colorgalv options here.

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