Oak Grove MBTA Pedal and Park Facility

Dorchester, MA


The Oak Grove Pedal & Park Facility was the first of ten new high security bike parking facilities planned by the MBTA. Two federal programs provided $6.1 million in funding to construct twelve Pedal & Parks and fifty covered bike racks at MBTA transit and bus stations. Overall, the program will add approximately 1,600 bike parking spaces to the existing 4,200 space inventory, or a 40% increase.

The Oak Grove Pedal & Park is fully enclosed and provides parking for 50-150 bikes. Each facility is provided with six security cameras, lighting, and a police intercom system. The general public sentiment is that customers would be more likely to bike to transit if there was a secure place to leave their bikes.

Having a larger supply of protected and secure bike parking spaces attracts significant numbers of customers who either currently drive to the transit station or who do not ordinarily take public transit.

Hot-dip galvanizing was selected to provide corrosion protection and abrasion resistance for the bike racks and bike ports, while the Colorgalv system of galvanizing and a galvanizer applied coating was selected for corrosion resistance and aesthetics.