Rooftop Solar Panels

Everett, MA


There is a mandate to limit our dependency on fossil fuels. The solar industry has been playing a major role in this effort. There are three basic types of solar generating applications:

  • A solar array is any order or group of solar panels that may be of one single or mixed type with the intent to capture and transform sunlight into some other form of energy.
  • A solar farm is a facility where many photovoltaic (PV) systems are centrally located and typically ground mounted. The minimum size for a solar farm would be around one (1) megawatt.
  • A solar facility is an operation designed to eliminate reliance on carbon and other environmental pollutants by the use of naturally occurring elements such as solar, wind, etc. The rooftop installation, pictured above, is an example.

All of these options have a common theme: the supporting steel is galvanized!

Duncan Duragalv has been specified for corrosion protection on many of the solar projects in the Northeast. Not only is galvanizing a safe, sustainable and an otherwise “green” process, it will provide decades of rust prevention and metal protection in the region’s harsh environment.